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Lash Lift & Tint Training


-2-3 Hour Training 

-Lash Education


-Live Model Practice 

-List Of Products

-Certification upon completion 

Included: Full Lash Lift & Tint Kit

(Full Kit Including Elleebana One shot Lash Lift Products, and Elleebana Extreme Lash Lift Shields) 

$400.00 (Deposit to Book $150.00)


Bridal Makeup Training

- 2-3 Hour Training 

- Live Model Practice 

- Certification upon completion 


- Product Education

- Techniques for different skin types

- Skin Prep 

- Foundation Selection & Application

- Creating Glowing Skin

- Eyebrow Shaping 

- Eyeshadow Techniques 

- Lipsticks, Glosses, Liners

$250.00 (Deposit to Book $100.00)

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