Makeup & Hair

♡ Makeup $65.00

♡ Makeup & Curls $100.00 

♡ Makeup & Any Style $130.00+

♡ Loose Curls $35.00

 Eyelashes included in all makeup services

 Hair must be clean & dry for hair services

Lashes & Brows

♡ Lash Lift + Tint $70.00 

   Includes hydrating Lip Mask

♡ Brow Wax + Tint $25.00 

♡ Brow Wax $15.00 


Facials & Treatments

♡ Ombre Powder Brows $250.00 

♡ Ombre Powder Brows 6 Week Touch-up $50.00

♡ Ombre Powder Brows 1 Year Touch-up $100.00

♡ The Glam Package Facial $100.00

  Includes: Dermaplaning, Ultrasonic, Hydrafacial,       Oxygen Facial, LED Therapy, Hydrojelly Mask

♡ The Simple Glam Facial $75.00

  Includes: Dermaplaning, Hydrafacial, Hydrojelly         Mask

♡ Dermaplane + Mask $50.00

♡ BB Glow Treatment $145.00 

♡ BB Glow Treatment Package (3) $375 

  Recommend for best results, treatments are             scheduled 2 weeks apart.

General Rates for Productions 

Please Contact us. 


Private Makeup Classes 

2 Hour Beginning at $125.00+ 

Please Contact Us. 

BB glow is a form of microneedling, tinted vitamin serums are put into the skin resulting in a more even skin tone, reduces redness (rosacea), dark circles, hyperpigmentation, and more. Giving the effect of a semi permanent foundation & healthy glow. We can also contour your skin during this treatment. It also helps boost collagen production, assists with fine lines and wrinkles. Reducing appearance of large pores and eliminates free radicals, LED therapy is done throughout the session as well targeting each clients needs. 

Lash Lift + Tint Service, Alternative to lash extensions, this treatment curls your natural lashing upwards giving them a lifted effect and tinting them to make lashes appear darker and thicker. Results can last 6 weeks with proper maintenance. 

Hydrojelly Masks paired with our services. Depending on each clients needs we select the type of mask. Hydrojelly Masks are full of antioxidants, help boost collagen, promotes even skin tone and instantly hydrates your skin. 

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